Parish Nurse

American Red Cross Blood Drive
Thursday, November 20, 12:00-6:00 pm. Register online here.

Parish Nurse Ministry is a blend of nursing and ministry promoting wellness of body, mind, and spirit for individuals of all ages, serving in the Spirit of Christ’s Love.

Cheryl Springer, the parish nurse at St. John’s Lutheran Church is a licensed public health registered nurse with additional education and experience in pastoral and parish nursing. 

Parish nurses work within 6 roles to promote health and wellness in our church and local community: 

  1. Integrator of Faith and Healththrough visitations, health events, community blood pressure screenings.
  2. Health Educator providing parish nurse education insert in St. John’s monthly Journal, offering opportunities of health screenings and education in-services.
  3. Personal Health Supportermaking home, hospital, rehab and nursing home visits; supporting the Grief Companion program; supporting the Befriender program; and the Prayer Shawl Ministry program.
  4. Referral agent and liaison with church and community resources.
  5. Facilitator of Volunteers coordinating and recruiting volunteers within the church to serve in various support ministries.
  6. Community Support Outreach providing blood pressure screening at Fairfield Sr. Apts. every other month.