2020: The Year of Creation


At the dawn of a new decade, we will celebrate God's divine and marvelous creation.  God tells us that God is the creator and the inventive force behind a holy universe and Earth, and that we, along with animals, plants, the ground, and all of life, are blessed to live and thrive in God's good creation.

God also tells us we humans are the ones entrusted with caring for and strengthening the creation.  It is a holy calling and mission for us.  Our faithfulness, even passion, should be for seeing to it that the creation is not degraded in any way, but, rather, celebrated, made healthier and more whole, and cared for.  


With global climate change a scientific fact and deleterious effects on the globe and even on our lives a real issue, it is incumbent upon us as people of faith to step up and make a difference.  In this way, we are being faithful in following the mission to which God has called us.  


Join us in 2020 to celebrate God's creation, to worship in praise of God's marvelous gifts of sustenance and beauty, and to undertake more fully our call to be caretakers of this divine place we call Earth and home.