Transformed People Transform People

St. John’s Stewardship 2022

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works...” - Hebrews 10:24


This year, Commitment and Celebration Sunday is Nov. 21, 2021.  We are asking you to think about this next year’s giving in four ways:

  1. Pledge if you can!  The future is bright for St. John's.  We have a dynamic new Associate Pastor in Pastor Kim Kyllo and we just welcomed a very talented, wise, and faith-filled Director of Music in Dr. Dennis Friesen-Carper.  Your pledges and commitments will propel even more energy and ministry at St. John's

  2. Read these inserts and look at this year's St. John's stewardship brochure  

  3. Give JOYFULLY!  Your JOYFUL faithfulness is the tool of our endurance     

  4. Have each other’s backs.  Not everyone is experiencing the pandemic the same way.  If you can give, please do!  And consider pitching in something for those whose circumstances are not as well-off as your own.  If you are less-well-off, know that we love what you can do and that we as the whole of St. John’s will aim high for God!

  5. Above all, know this:  “A gift opens doors;  it gives access to the great.” - Proverbs 18:16.  The pandemic world needs God’s work.  It needs St. John’s people who are transformed by the grace and love of Christ so others can be transformed by that grace and love as we embody it.  When people see transformed people, they have the chance of having their lives transformed also

We praise God for each and every one of you and for all you do for St. John’s, and for God in the world!  Thank you, in advance, for your prayer, pledging, and giving when we open the new year of 2022 as Transformed People Transforming People.  God bless you!   


The St. John’s Stewardship for All Seasons Team


  1. Bring the enclosed pledge card to parking lot drive-in worship on Celebration Sunday, Nov. 15

  2. Mail it to church at:  St. John’s Lutheran Church, P.O. Box 955, Lakeville, MN  55044

  3. Pledge Online by going to, scroll to bottom of homepage and click on “Stewardship 2020-2021,” then click on “Online Pledging” and fill out the form







  1. Login to

  2. As an individual you Do Not want the “Admin User Login” page so in the paragraph below click on the GREEN “please click here” button to log in to your personal account.

  3. If you don’t have an account please create one and then use your account      information to proceed with step #6.   Click on the “Create Account” bar, then create your account log in information by inputting your name, email address that you want associated with this account

  4.  Create a username and a passwords.

  5. Create a PIN number.  Keep these somewhere safe as you will need them each time you log in to

  6. This will bring you to a green screen with “Find a Church” bar at the top of the page.  Type is “St John’s Lutheran Church of Lakeville”.  No “period” behind the “St” and the full name as I just printed it.   This is our official name on  You may have to repeat this step each time you log into

  7. Next to Set up a Payment click on the “Payment” box at the bottom of the screen. 

  8. Then click on either Credit/Debit or Bank Account at the bottom of the page.   Once you have selected a payment type click on the “+” to set up your account information.

  9. Now go back to the home/green screen by clicking on the “< “at the top right of your screen.  Select the “Give Now” bar.

  10. “Amount” enter what you want to give.

  11. “Give to” Select from the drop down arrow.  Select either “General and Benevolence” or “Mortgage.” ** See Note below

  12. Your payment method will be listed next.  You already inputted this information in step #7 & #8.

  13.  You can add a note or memo if you want.  This note will not have any impact on where your offering is directed.  The note/memo section is used for Registrations.

  14.  “Cover Fees?”   This means if you want to cover the credit card or banking fees associated with this transaction then you would click outside of the circle but inside the oval to move the circle to the right.  It is activated when it turns green.

  15.  “Setup automated giving?” This means if you want this payment to reoccur you would click outside of the circle but inside the oval to move the circle to the right.  It is activated when it turns green.

  16.  If you setup automated giving then “Give” select a timeframe from the drop down arrow and then “On” select a day from the drop down arrow.

  17.  Then click on the “Give (Your Amount)”bar.  Your offering amount should be listed.

  18. Then a Confirmation box will pop open where you can confirm your automatic giving by clicking “Ok”.


  • NOTE:  If you want to give to both “General and Benevolence” & “Mortgage” you will have to set up two separate accounts in, one for “General and Benevolence” and another for “Mortgage.” You will need to repeat steps 9-18 for each of these accounts.

SJLCL_Joyful Action_08-RED_Final.jpeg