7th - 12th Grade Sunday Ministry and Events 2019-2020



Discover and learn about other faiths as we attend services at other places of worship. This may include a Synagogue, Catholic Church, and Baptist Church, we will share pie and coffee afterwards, as well as discussion of what surprised us and what may have confused us.  Possibly develop a deeper appreciation for our Lutheran roots and traditions as well as a richer understanding of who our neighbors are.  Sign up with Amanda in the youth room if you are interested in this group! 


Our next event is Nov. 10th 4:00pm-8:00pm 


We will go to the Basilica of st. Mary, attend Mass,  share a meal with their High School Service group and prepare food for the homeless community they serve. 


Please ask Amanda Boe, CYF Director for more information.  amanda@sjlcl.org 

MEET AND EAT - Sundays, 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm

Youth are fed food, faith, have some fun, may do some service projects and connect with friends. 

11/11: Pizza-service project for Veterans. 

12/15: Pizza games and service

1/12: Pizza -ice cream

MEA BREAK 7th-12th Base Camp Event

Be part of a fun event at Base Camp at Fort Snelling in Mpls. from Thu., Oct. 17, 8 pm -11:30pm. Fri.,   


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