Sunday School
3 years old - 4th grade


St. John’s is committed to give every child the opportunity to learn about the hope and love of Jesus and building a faith that will support kids at every stage of life.  During Covid, our commitment has expanded to meet every child where they are so that they can learn about God’s love in an environment that fits the needs of their family.  We continue to work with our St. John’s Return Team to review all of our program procedures to ensure that we are providing programs that follow the current CDC guidelines. 

Sunday School 2021-2022

What will Firelight Sunday School look like this year? 

We will have two options for our pre-k-4th grade:

  1. Firelight Sunday School

  2. Brown Bag and Zoom Sunday School online

1. Firelight Sunday School: 9:10am-10:10am

We begin each Sunday by gathering in the sanctuary for our Firelight Sunday School following early worship. We will do an introduction to our story, watch a Holy Moly intro video, play our new bells or be greeted by our special puppet friends, Abel and Zabel. Following our opening we go outside when weather allows or to expanded classrooms in the fellowship hall with grade specific groups. We will learn more about the love and hope of Jesus as we dig deeper into the story using games, science experiments, art and roadmaps! ​


2. “Brown Bag and Zoom Sunday School” 10:15am-10:30am We will begin our “brown bag and zoom” program Oct. 3. This is a Sunday School option where we have a month’s worth of lessons prepared for you to pick up in brown bags and then on Sunday mornings we zoom in at 10:15-10:30am! We learn the lesson and unpack our bag to see what is in it! 


 Please sign up on the Sunday School Registration link for one of the two Sunday School options.


Please contact Amanda Boe, Children, Youth and Family Director for any questions you may have.