Leadership Team

St. John’s leadership team consists of a Congregation Council and sub-teams of the council. Approximately 90 volunteers are involved in this leadership.


Church Council President
Jim Buckley

Jim serves as the president of the Church Council. He presides over all monthly Church Council meetings and Executive Team meetings.  He works with the pastoral staff and Executive Team in setting council agenda.  He also serves as the president of the congregation and presides over all Congregational Meetings. 


Church Council Vice President
Lisa Horn

Lisa serves as the Vice President of the Church Council.  She is present at all monthly council meetings and supports the President and Executive Team, as needed.  Lisa also serves as the representative from the Compassion Team.


Barry Fick

Barry serves as the Treasurer of St. John's.  He is present at monthly Church Council and Ministry Finance Team meetings, supports the financial operations of the church, and is a member of the Executive Team.  


Church Council Secretary
Sandy Johnson

Sandy serves as Secretary to the Church Council and the congregation.  She is present at and is the scribe for all council and congregational meetings, submitting minutes for all meetings and actions of the Church Council and the congregation.     


Campus Properties Team
Tony Gleason

The Campus Properties Team is commissioned to oversee all aspects of caring for the church campus-the church facility proper, other structures, parking lots, and the grounds.  The CPT has responsibility for all upkeep and cleaning, maintenance, all-season care, and edification of the campus. 


The CPT is also responsible for creating a Master Plan for use of the campus, including but not limited to tree and grass management, Memorial Garden, outdoor worship area, potential future expansion of the church facility, landscaping, campfire area, and the like.  The Master Plan will serve as documentation of desired outcomes should inquiries arise regarding other potential uses of or sale of portions of the campus property.

The CPT seeks best practices for care and edification of a church campus


Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Team
Natalie McLaen

The Youth and Family Ministry Team works directly with the St. John's Church Director of Youth Ministry and oversees elementary, middle school, and high school youth event, leadership and servant ministry programming.  This team is not responsible for faith formation, but rather focuses on the above areas through fellowship gatherings, annual summer Bible camp weeks, family events, service projects and trips, and the building of community and church identity. It is desirable that the team promote connections with other churches' youth ministry programs in our area, as well as churchwide ELCA youth ministry initiatives.  The team focuses its planning around areas of statistical effectiveness at solidifying youth's faith identity:  Bible camp participation, servant trip and mountaintop event experiences, intentional connections with adults in the congregation, worship participation and leadership, and mentors who point out callings to serve in ministry.

JenniferKlooster (1).jpg

Christian Education Team
Jennifer Klooster

This team is responsible for the educational programs for all ages of St. John's congregation.  The committee's responsibilities include Sunday School programs, Vacation Bible School, confirmation, adult education programs, mentally challenged education program, and our church library.  The team assists in the selection of curriculum and the recruitment of teachers and volunteers, and development of other programs to support the continued growth of our educational programs.


Compassion Team
Lisa Horn

The Compassion Team is commissioned to help St. John's minister to the least, the lonely, and the lost in our community and world.  The C-Team functions around bringing help and hope where it is needed most.  Jesus' call in Matthew 25 to "serve the least of these who are my brothers and sisters," as well as the ELCA's charge that "God's Work, Our Hands" is now answering this call plays out. the Compassion Team initiates creative learning and outreach in ministering to people and addressing societal need.

The C-Team is to work consistently an naming need and challenging the congregation to rise up to reach out with tangible acts of love and the sharing of resources.  The C-Team is to focus on Biblical mandates of helping feed the hungry, find shelter for those without a home, clothe those who need it, uplift and advocate for the poor, be a voice to the voiceless and helpless, and address, advocate for, and seek to end systemic injustice that oppresses whole groups of people in society.

Bob Rustvold.jpg

Gratitude and Generosity Ministry Team
Bob Rustvold

The Gratitude and Generosity Team is commissioned for two  primary purposes:  to help St. John's members and participants know their spiritual need as disciples to be "givers" and to experience the joy of giving from a grateful and generous heart.  Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Luke 12:34).  We know our treasure is in the eternal, unconditional love of God, poured out for our sake through Jesus's life, death, and resurrection.  Our hears are meant to be filled with gratitude and the most generous outpouring of ourselves so all people know this same goodness of God for them.

We are called to create a culture of generosity at St. John's Lutheran so God's mission through us thrives.  We will help each other answer the question:  "How are you faithfully stewarding..."

  1. the living of your lives?

  2. the nourishing of your minds?

  3. your relationships?

  4. the growth of your faith?

  5. the structuring of your daily time?

  6. the generous giving of your wealth, resources, skills, and talents for God's purposes?

The G&G Team will encourage all St. John's members and participants to grow in their giving and generosity as a sign of a deeper faith in God's daily sustenance of us and of our gratitude for every good gift from God.  The team will develop ongoing and annual initiatives in order to accomplish this, helping each person answer the question, "What is God asking me to do?"


Human Resources and Administration Team, Steve Pierson

The Human Resources and Administration Team is commissioned to work closely with the Senior Pastor in overseeing daily operations of the church.  The team takes specific initiative in personnel matters and grievances, staff transitions and hiring, annual employee reviews, and staff policy manual updates.  The team also takes initiative in assuring that the church constitution is updated consistently, that all church property is protected and insured, and that leadership is exercised in creation, training, implementation, and communication of policies and procedures.

BradPaulson (1).jpg

Ministry Finance Team
Brad Paulson

The Ministry Finance Team is commissioned with planning an annual ministry budget, faithfully guiding the use of offerings, gifts, and other income for carrying out the ministry of the congregation, managing St. John's assets, overseeing the counting of weekly offerings, and helping the Church Council and congregation look forward in planning future ministry. The team's work is governed by the church constitution, as well as the decisions of the church's congregational meetings, meetings of the church council, and Executive Board actions.  The team also provides for regular audits of the church's books.  The team seeks to follow vest practices in church finance.  The team works closely with the Gratitude and Generosity Team to best project annual ministry plans based on pledged and stated giving from congregation members.  The team understands its work via prayer and discernment of God's leading.


Membership and Outreach Team
Naomi Casper

The Membership and  Outreach Team joyfully raises St. John's Church ministry to Lakeville and the surrounding communities.  Specifically, the team works with the pastoral staff and takes a leading rose in identifying prospective church members, making visits in neighborhoods. providing a welcoming process for new members, following up with newer members to solidify their involvement, and overseeing congregational marketing efforts.  The team also intentionally provides leadership in creating a joyful environment at church, one in which hospitality and gracious welcome are valued above all else.  The team works with the pastors to enact updated processes and best practices, including representing St. John's in our community and providing a welcoming environment to all our guests.

Val Altendorfer.jpg

Women of the ELCA
Val Altendorfer

Every woman of St. John's is invited to grow in faith, use her gifts, support each other and minister by action!  For some great information, go to www.welca.org.  Participate in a circle, use leadership skills on the Board, fellowship during lefse workshops or quilting, and travel with us to other sites to share with the larger community of women!

DianeHenning (1).jpg

Women of the ELCA
Diane Henning

Every woman of St. John's is invited to grow in faith, use her gifts, support each other and minister by action!  For some great information, go to www.welca.org.  Participate in a circle, use leadership skills on the Board, fellowship during lefse workshops or quilting, and travel with us to other sites to share with the larger community of women!


Worship Arts Ministry Team
Pam Haukoos

The most public ministry St. John's undertakes is weekly worship.  The worship arts consist of everything needed to worship God in faithfulness as our highest and most joyful calling.  The Worship Arts Ministry Team is commissioned to care for every aspect of preparing for and carrying out worship services.  The team works closely with the Director of Music and the pastoral staff.

The Worship Arts Ministry Team provides oversight for assuring a strong musical presence in worship, discussing festival and special services, providing feedback on ongoing worship services, altar and chancel, assuring technology in worship is effective, scheduling ushers and other servants of the liturgy, and listening for ways in which St. John's worship can be most inspiring to the worshiping community as well as to those seeking to discover if St. John's will be their church home.  The Worship Arts Ministry Team is focused around the joy proclaimed in Psalm 122:1 - "I was glad when they said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord'"- and seeks best practices in creating a holy and  joyful environment in which worshipers at St. John's can bring praise to God.