We are a Lutheran community

As a church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we take the Bible seriously: in preaching, in teaching, and how we live the Word of God in our daily lives. We see the Bible as the manger that cradles the Christ Child. The Bible is the living, breathing Word of God.

Diverse in opinion, united in mission

At St. John’s, we are a broad mix of people who represent various social and political viewpoints, backgrounds, and ages.  Our opinions may differ, but we are united in our mission.

Worship is at the center of what we do

We celebrate worship in a vibrantly traditional way at St. John's.  We let the liturgy lead us and our worship is centered on encountering Christ. We believe that being part of the community of Christ was never meant to be an individual experience. We need each other. Worship is like a weekly check-in: a time to hear the Word of God, to be fed through Holy Communion, be washed in the waters of Baptism, hear powerful music, and find connection with God through prayer. Worship also gives us a chance to remember the one who has created us and all that exists. In worship, we are reminded of our identity as holy, precious, and beloved children of God. This strengthens and nourishes us to engage fully in life outside the church and do our part in helping care for our neighbors.

Grace is what sets us apart as Lutherans

Grace is God giving fully and freely of God’s very self to humanity, whether we deserve it or not, and whether we want it or not. It is the way in which Jesus loves and forgives us.

God came to us in Jesus Christ

God was made vulnerable in the flesh as Jesus, sent to the world because of God’s deep love for humanity and desire to be with us. If you are wondering what God is like, look at Jesus.  And, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that Jesus is now experienced through us. Jesus is with us and within us, and we are sent out to be the hands and feet of Christ.

We believe in one God

One God who is revealed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This one God creates, saves, and sustains us.

We believe that journeying together is better

We meet you where you are. If you are in a place of joy and celebration, we want to laugh and rejoice with you. If you are feeling broken by life’s circumstances, sad, or anxious, we want to cry with you and struggle with you. We want to be with you, wherever you are.

We believe faith is a verb

Faith is an action that propels us outside of our comfort zone to love and care for others.  It is our compass, our comfort, and our joy.

There are two sacraments we consider holy and important in our faith: Holy Baptism and Holy Communion

These sacraments are ancient gifts that connect believers. This is where God is truly present. The Sacraments come with a promise (forgiveness and new and eternal life) in a tangible way (water, bread & wine) and a command (“Go and baptize … Take and eat … Take and drink”).  These sacraments ground us in our identity as God’s beloved children and bind us together to be the body of Christ, bringing Jesus’ transforming love to the world.


Holy Baptism – In baptism, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever. When we are baptized, we are reminded of our identity as a child of God. With promises of forgiveness and everlasting life, we are freed to love and be loved. We recognize ONE baptism into the faith. We baptize infants, youth, and adults, acknowledging that God is the primary actor giving us this gift freely at any stage in life.


Holy Communion –  Communion binds God’s family together to feed us, renew us, forgive our sins, and give us sustenance as we are sent back into the world. We believe Christ is truly present in this holy meal.