October 4, 1914 - St. John’s was officially organized, affiliated with the English Evangelical Synod of the Northwest, which eventually became the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Holding services in a leased Methodist church. 


July, 1915 - 210th and Holyoke property purchased and construction of a parsonage began. 


August, 1916 - Construction began on a church building. First worship service held on November 5, 1916. Dedication was held on April 27, 1924 


October, 1953 - L-shaped addition to basement was planned. Dedicated in October 1954. 


August, 1963 - Church was razed and services held at Lakeville High School for one year while a new building was being constructed. Dedication of that building was held September 20, 1964. 


March, 1978 - Groundbreaking for addition of an education wing. Dedication held on September 10, 1978. 


January, 1992 - Parsonage built in 1916 was torn down resulting in additional parking. 


June, 2000 - Purchase of 34.9 acres of land for future relocation of the congregation was approved. 


November, 2005 - Preliminary plans for proposed new building submitted to City of Lakeville 


May, 2006 - Relocation of the congregation to a new building to be built on 202nd Street was approved. Sale of former church building on 210th and Holyoke was approved. 


June, 2006 - Groundbreaking for new church building. 


July 23, 2006 - First worship service in temporary location of Kenwood Trail Middle School while new church is being built. 


March 4, 2007 - First Sunday morning in new church building. Dedicated on April 29, 2007.