Job Openings

Director Of Music - Part-time, 15 hours/week

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Lakeville, MN



PERSONNEL POLICIES STATEMENT:  The employees of this church, in all of their services—both within the congregation and in the fulfillment of the church’s mission in the world—shall carry out the duties to which they are assigned in faithfulness to the faith and mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and St. John’s Lutheran Church


Proposed:  December, 1998       Updated:  August, 2021 



REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor




To enhance the worship life of the congregation, and contribute to the spiritual vitality of the congregation through the music program;  to promote harmony and love within the staff and to pray for the ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Church;  to provide Christian leadership and direction for the music program and the music staff of St. John’s Church, under the supervision of the Senior Pastor;  and to conform to the liturgical goals and objectives as set forth by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Status:  Part-time, 15 hours per week

Ministry Team:  Worship Arts Ministry Team





Choral Conducting Responsibility

  1. St. John’s Chancel (adult) Choir, conducting one rehearsal per week during school year and facilitating choir’s participation in worship as detailed below

  2. Plan and carry out annual Advent Cantata/festival and May Choral Festival Sunday

  3. Support and substitute, as possible, in absence of other choral conductor(s) – i.e. youth choirs



  1. Choirs: Provide choir, ensemble, or special music at each worship service.

  2. Soloists: Provide solo performances when the above are not available.

  3. Instrumentalists: Seek to promote and provide instrumental music to enhance the worship service.

  4. Special musical settings for worship: With pastors, plan special musical settings for the worship service. (festival and/or seasonal)

  5. The director will be in attendance at all worship services, if possible.


Music Staff

  1. Supervise, assist, and support the positions of Organist, Choir Accompanist, and Director of Children’s Music

  2. Work with the music staff in securing substitute directors when needed.

  3. Act as liaison to the Worship Arts Ministry Team.

  4. Act as resource person to all music staff in concerns of music, scheduling, rehearsing, and performing.

  5. Bring new music, techniques, and ideas to the staff and the Worship Arts Ministry Team.



  1. Supervise the structuring of choirs, in voice and age appropriate levels.

  2. Coordinate, establish, and oversee the choirs, including handbell groups.

  3. Prepare schedules for rehearsals and worship participation.

  4. Supervise all choral, instrumental, and special music used in the worship service.

  5. Encourage maintenance and growth of music groups through Christian love, recruitment, and enthusiasm.

  6. Maintain the choral and instrumental music libraries.

  7. Add new materials for the program as needed, within budget confines.

  8. Oversee the maintenance and repair of the pianos and the organ, as needed.

  9. Oversee the maintenance and repair of the Schulmerich Handbells, as needed.


Public Relations

  1. Publicize schedules of rehearsals and worship participation to the congregation through the Sunday bulletin, weekly e-communications, and in the monthly newsletter music column.

  2. Provide materials for the publication through the local media of special musical events, concerts, worship services, etc. at St. John’s Church.




  1. The director will attend weekly staff meetings.

  2. The director will attend monthly Worship Arts Ministry Team meetings.

  3. The director will be directly responsible to the Senior Pastor.

  4. Director will submit an annual ministry team budget proposal, in collaboration with the Worship Arts Ministry Team.

  5. The director will supervise all budget expenditures for the music program.

  6. The director will make all necessary purchases through the church office.

  7. The director’s work week will be 15 hours per week.





  1. Have a strong desire to serve St. John's Lutheran Church as a leader and director of Christian music.

  2. Have previous experience in directing and/or supervising Christian church music.

  3. Education degrees and/or certifications in music are desired.

  4. Keyboard skills are desired.

  5. Ability to work well in staff team and congregational environment, inspiring desire for involvement and joy