Our CYF Mission and Values
We hope this becomes mission and values for your family, also


Children, Youth and Family Ministries at St John’s helps students to Like, Follow, Share:

Like God’s word.

CYF work is about connecting students to God, that they might know God better. As we help students learn to worship, teach them how to read the Bible and pray, we’re modeling a life of faith and helping them identify God as the solid rock on which their life is built.

Follow Jesus.

Part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus is to be part of the Christian community. We, as the family of God, learn together, play together, serve together, and grow together. In short, we share our lives with each other in Christ.

Share the Holy Spirit.

All of us have God-given talents and abilities. As students grow older, they will discover how their greatest passions meet the world’s greatest needs. In CYF ministries, we will help students develop a heart for serving in the world as an expression of their faith. 


CYF ministries at St John’s strives to create a seamless line of ministry from birth through high school and to walk alongside families to raise compassionate, respectful, and service-orientated students – students with hearts of faith-filled love.

 We value:

  • Compassion for our neighbors, both close to home and far away

  • Respect for all people at all ages and stages of life

  • Have a heart for Service and care for people

  • Love that is Faith-filled and exercised

Children, Youth, and Family (CYF) Ministry Programs at St. John's

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Vacation Bible School (3 yrs - 4th grade)
Our summer week-long program usually scheduled in mid-June.  Older kids can also be involved as Crew Leaders, kitchen team, multimedia room, etc.  Email Elisa Brown at elisa@sjlcl.org.  Registration will become available in 2023.
High School Student Ministry
5:00pm Sundays. Our role with HS students is to help them imagine God's purpose for their lives.  We accompany them on this journey through small groups, Bible study, service opportunities, camps and mission trips.  amanda@sjlcl.org
CYF Ministry Brochure
Click here for detailed information about program structure, content, and goals for each of the above-mentioned programs for children, youth, and families.