The 36th Annual St. John's Scandinavian Dinner.  Uff da!

Pretty good lutefisk served.

Sat., Nov. 9, 3:30, 5:00, and 6:30 pm seatings

Get your tickets while the gettin's good!  They're going fast.  Contact Linda at 952-469-3718.  Tickets $19.00 each.

Don't miss out on this delectable, traditional, quirky, and fun experience for the senses, all centered around a piece of cod that passes all understanding! 

This meal is pretty good and is served family-style so you can have great conversation and plenty of laughs.  There's no shortage of food, either!  Lutefisk, butter, white sauce, Swedish meatballs, lefse, butter, potatoes and gravy, butter, veggies, fruit soup, butter, rosettes, fatigman, butter, spritz cookies (with LOTS of butter in them!), krumkake, plenty more, and, did we mention, butter!

Get here 30 minutes before your seating so can take in a few good Ole and Lena jokes, listen to the buttery smooth voice of Nikki Walsh, and wind up singing The Lutefisk Hymn before heading in for the big meal.  Afterwards, shop a bit at the Bake and Craft Sale.  It's a good Christmas present purchasing opportunity!  

Scandinavian sweaters encouraged!  There may even be a prize for the best one at each dinner seating.


See you at the Scandinavian Dinner

at St. John's Church, Lakeville!   



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