Wednesday Evenings
6:30-7:15 PM
6th-9th grade
Confirmation Ministry: Affirm 

Confirmation ministry is relational ministry, and we know during this time of COVID 19 being together is hard. To help build relationships with mentors and students, we began our year outside at 10 campfires in small groups for four weeks.  In October and November we moved to a hybrid model, meeting in small groups every other week in the church building.  For the beginning of the new year, in 2021 we are meeting online in small groups. 






January and February Affirm Winter Session

Welcome to the "Lab"

Our goal is to "experiment" with "producing" God's intended result, which is, ultimately, maturing in our faith by "growing up into Him who is our head, Jesus Christ."  Our small groups will meet with their guides on zoom, watch a video from Pastor Andy and then engage in some discussion led by their small group guide. 


The topics for January:


Jan. 6 topic:  "Maturing in our faith"  (click to watch video)

Jan. 13:  "Community-minded more than Individual-minded"

Jan. 20:  "Exploring Capital Punishment"

Jan. 27:  "Thoughts on Heaven"


Affirm Program Summary



Questions! Young people ask good questions. Our role at St. John's is to walk beside these young people and to encourage them to ask the hard faith questions. We might not have all the answers, but we are willing to talk about them. Curriculum is written in-house among the pastors on a four year cycle: 

Year 1 is Jesus who...? We take a look at Jesus as healer, miracle worker, teacher and savior. (2018-2019)

Year 2 is I am a Lutheran, and what does that mean? (2019-2020)

Year 3 is God and my Ipod and other life stuff such as body image, music, and pop culture. (2020-2021)

Year 4 is new this year! We added Affirm Plus! We will concentrate on building leadership skills in faith during their 9th grade year. 

New!  Affirm is moving towards a four year model with 6th-8th graders in one large group with small groups (which reflects a middle school model) and 9th graders (who are in high school) into something called Affirm Plus, which will concentrate on building leadership skills in faith. 


Grade 9 is Affirm Plus: During this transitional year of Affirm Plus, we will guide and encourage them to be strong leaders and active in youth ministry service projects, mission trips and fun fellowship activities!  They will do many activities with the High School Youth Group! 


Confirmation at St. John's is called Affirm, because it is in the Lutheran tradition of Affirmation of Baptism that is celebrated.

Affirm begins in the Fall of the 6th grade year and ends the Spring of their 9th grade year. 

There will be NO cost to the program this year, but registration is required. 

Return Team:  St. John's created an awesome group of St. Johnites to help create and approve policies and procedures for programs during COVID. 




Affirm Program Summary


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